Double-Shot of Blog Carnivals

Can I Get Rich On A Salary participated in two blog carnivals this past week.

[Editor's Note: In case you are not familiar with blog carnivals, a blog carnival is a multi-blog event in which a number of bloggers aggregate their articles within a certain theme or subject area into one post. The "host" of the carnival writes up the post on his or her blog and includes links to the various articles. Hopefully, this helps readers as they get a "one stop shop" of articles. I post a weekly recap of the blog carnivals in which I have participated—and try also to cull out a few articles that I'd like to share with you here.]

Festival of Frugality:

Money Ning hosted Festival of Frugality 138 – The First Principles on August 11. Here are some excerpts:

Squawkfox presents eBook: Frugal Food and Fitness: Get fab without spending a fortune

Cash Money Life presents Online Bill Pay - Cheaper, Faster, Greener, More Secure

Amy presents Your Local Library: Netflix for Books

Silicon Valley Blogger presents The Cost of Being Overweight!..

Lisa Spinelli presents Reasons to Pass on the Extended Warranty

Penelope Pince presents Is "Simple Living" Just Another Term for "Giving Up?"

Check out the rest of the Festival! My post, I Get Frugal With A Little Help From My…, was included under "Learn It."

Money Hacks Carnival:

The Personal Financier hosted The Money Hacks Carnival #25 – The Olympic Edition on August 12.

The Digerati Life examines Your Free Credit Score: (and asks) Is There Such A Thing?

The Financial Blogger continues his discussion of the Basics of Estate Planning

Free Money Finance discusses The Best Way to Get a Raise

Erica Douglass @ erica.biz asks Is Extreme Frugality A Waste of Time?...

The Happy Rock offers A Guideline For Your Budget And Spending Plan and links to a nice tool which helps in checking how reasonable your exp[e]nses are compared to the average…

Dividend Growth Investor gives us The ultimate passive investment strategy

Visit the rest of the Carnival! My post, Personal Finance Lemonade, was included under "Other" and gained The Personal Financier's "*" notation. Thanks!

Other Mentions

Thanks also to Prime Time Money for mentioning Can I Get Rich On A Salary in his post, PF Buzz Will Bring You Quality Traffic. Please check out his great personal-finance blog!


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