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Can I Get Rich On A Salary participated in three personal-finance blog carnivals last week. And by the way, I found a new personal-finance blog that is heavier on consumer orientation—authored by an experienced blogger whose writings I had already enjoyed on other blogs—so I recommend you check it out: The Smarter Wallet (tagline: "Money Tips, Consumer News and Product Reviews To Improve Your Finances").

Carnival of Personal Finance:

BankerGirl hosted Carnival of Personal Finance at BankerGirl, on September 8. Here are some selected excerpts:

Quest For Four Pillars - 4% Rule Revisited - I want a raise!

Living Almost Large - Why aren't we honest?

Check out the rest of the Carnival! My post, The Lady Whose $50,000 Emergency Fund Wasn't Enough?, was included under "Saving and Budgeting."

Carnival of Money Stories:

The Copyeditor's Desk hosted The Carnival of Money Stories on September 9. Here are some excerpts:

FMF, Free Money Finance, My Kids Tell Me Why We Pay Taxes

PT, Prime Time Money, Millionaires in the Making: The Rodrigueses

MoneyNing, Buy an Investment Property or Dividend-yielding Stocks?

Silicon Valley Blogger, The Digerati Life, An Immigration Story

Glblguy, Gather Little by Little, Share Your Story: What Is the Dumbest Thing You've Ever Spent Money On?

Don't miss the rest of the Carnival! My post, Ed McMahon Personal Finance Fairy Tale?, was mentioned under "Tales of the Rich and Famous."

Money Hacks Carnival:

Living Almost Large hosted Money Hacks Carnival #29: Food Heaven, on September 10. Here's a sampling:

Austin asks the question if you won money what would you do with it in What if I gave you 100,000 bucks? posted at The Orange Paper

Sandy Naidu tells us about credit card tricks in Top 5 Dirty Little Credit Card Tricks posted at Future Nest Egg

Lisa Spinelli gives us 10 way to get into debt in 10 Ways to Bury Yourself In Debt posted at Greener Pastures

Del Sandeen explains about debt settlement in 3 Reasons to Run from Debt Settlement Companies posted at Fiscal Liberty

Sam talks about insurance you don't need in 14 Totally Ridiculous Insurance You Probably Don?t Need posted at Fix My Personal Finance - Personal Finance Advice - Money Management Advice

The Shark Investor talks about career development in Investing In Yourself posted at The Shark Investor

Visit the Carnival! My post, 40% Wealthier?, was included under "Savings/Budget."

Other Links

Outside of blog carnivals, I found the following posts at personal-finance blogs interesting, educational, informative, entertaining, or some combination of those—consider checking them out!

Other Mentions

Here are some other mentions of Can I Get Rich On A Salary, outside of blog carnivals, from the past week or so.

Thanks to all of these great personal-finance blogs for mentioning Can I Get Rich On A Salary to their readers. Please visit their blogs!

[Editor's Note: In case you are not familiar with blog carnivals, a blog carnival is a multi-blog event in which a number of bloggers aggregate their articles within a certain theme or subject area into one post. The "host" of the carnival writes up the post on his or her blog and includes links to the various articles. Hopefully, this helps readers as they get a "one stop shop" of articles. I post a weekly recap of the blog carnivals in which I have participated—and try also to cull out a few articles that I'd like to share with you here.]


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