Three Blog Carnivals, and You’re Out!

Things have been a little extra hectic at work, at home (major landscaping project—ugh!), and working on a blog re-design—but spirits are high! I hope yours are too. In the meantime, Can I Get Rich On A Salary participated in three personal-finance blog carnivals this past week.

[Editor’s Note: In case you are not familiar with blog carnivals, a blog carnival is a multi-blog event in which a number of bloggers aggregate their articles within a certain theme or subject area into one post. The “host” of the carnival writes up the post on his or her blog and includes links to the various articles. Hopefully, this helps readers as they get a “one stop shop” of articles. I post a weekly recap of the blog carnivals in which I have participated—and try also to cull out a few articles that I’d like to share with you here.]

Carnival of Personal Finance:

The Budgeting Babe hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #161: The "Feeling Renewed" Edition on July 14. Here are some selected excerpts:

Kim at Alpha Consumer was reading my mind this week. She published a great letter from a reader who lost it all, along with some great advice for starting over…

The Happy Rock has a pretty good breakdown of his financial hole. It’s interesting to read and compare strategies. I personally was shocked at the cost of day care!...

Christine at Blue Jeans Millionaire does a great job of explaining all the factors to consider when choosing a health care plan. Wow, she’s through. And smart…

Bob at Platinum Years Network wonders why we’re so sensitive to some kinds of spending, and so careless about others?

Blunt Money wonders if people who say “I have everything I need” ever really mean it…

The Dividend Guy spends some time reflecting on the fundaments of investing

Dorian, The Personal Financier, shares why buying groceries online is the way to go.

Visit the Carnival to feel renewed! My post, The Lady Who Wouldn’t Pay Off Her Credit Cards Even Though She Had The Money, was included under “Debt.”

Carnival of Money Stories:

Funny About Money hosted Carnival of Money Stories, #68 on July 15. Here are some of the stories I wanted to mention:

Benjamin, Trees Full of Money, The Story of My Day Trading Addiction...

Silicon Valley Blogger, The Digerati Life, Making Money through Day Trading: The Secret Lives of Stay-at-Home Mommy Speculators

Heather Allen, The Debt-Free Playbook Blog, Life’s More Than Debt

Amanda Milne, Value for Your Life, When Career Plans Change

FMF, Free Money Finance, The Other America

Finance Girl, Finance Gets Personal, For Me, Spending Leads to More Spending

Read the rest of the stories at the Carnival! My post, Success Stories: Retired at Age 43 with nearly $2,000,000, was included under “The Financial Journey.”

Money Hacker’s Carnival:

This Writer’s Wallet hosted Money Hackers Carnival #20, Chicago style on July 16. Here are a few of the money hacks I wanted to mention:

J. Money presents Start Investing by 26, Retire a Millionaire by 67 posted at Budgets are Sexy...

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Get Hired, Get a Raise and Get Paid More By Improving Your Appearance posted at The Digerati Life

Tanesha Morgan presents The Basics of Life Insurance posted at Personal Finance Analyst

Lisa Spinelli presents “I Haven’t Saved a Dime,” or “Will I Have a Heart Attack When I Retire?” posted at Greener Pastures

Aryn presents The Documents You Need: List of Accounts posted at Sound Money Matters….

Check out the rest of the Carnival! My post, Is Big Brother Lowering Your Credit Because of Your Drinking?, was included under “Debit and Credit.”

Other Mentions

Here are some other recent mentions of Can I Get Rich On A Salary:

Thanks to each of these websites and personal-finance blogs for bringing Can I Get Rich On A Salary to the attention of their readers. Please visit them!


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