Money Hacks Carnival #23 — It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!

Dwayne idolized Mary Jane. And who wouldn’t? Mary Jane was the greatest personal-finance guru in the universe. She knew everything there was to know about personal finance, and she gave advice freely, articulately, and without pretense. She authored one of the all-time most popular personal-finance blogs, was a 14-time all-star and former Defensive Player of the Year, and had more StumbleUpon friends and Twitter followers than could be counted without computer assistance.

And she had a cool nickname and went simply by “MJ.”

Dwayne aspired to be like MJ. And he was always asking her questions.

“MJ, what makes you the best personal-finance guru in the universe? Is it the great understanding of how to save money?”

MJ smiled at Dwayne and responded, “No, Dwayne.”

Saving Money—Big Picture

“MJ, is it all the subscribers to the blog?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it all the specific ways to save money?”

“No, Dwayne.”

Saving Money—Specific Tips

“Is it the shoes?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the FDIC-insured banks?”

“No, Dwayne.”

Banks, Banks, Banks

“Is it—MJ, is it the cool Wordpress theme?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the money management?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the goal setting?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the net worth?”

“No, Dwayne.”

Managing Your Money and Making Progress

“It’s the shoes then, right?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the treatment of debt?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“MJ, hook me up! Is it the use of credit?”

“No, Dwayne.”

Debt & Credit—Mortgage Debt, Credit Cards, and Credit Scores

“MJ, it’s gotta be the shoes!”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the career success?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the handling of adversity?”

“No, Dwayne.”

Career, Business, and Unemployment

“Is it the social networking?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the cool blog name?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the search engine optimization?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the sustainability practices?”

“No, Dwayne.”

Going Green

“Sure, it’s not the shoes? What about the shoes?”

“No, Dwayne.”

“Is it the investments?”

“No, Dwayne.”

Investing—Stocks, Forex, Real Estate, Policy, and Economic Indicators

“It’s gotta be the shoes!”

“No, Dwayne.”

Dwayne paused.

“Is it all of those things I just said rather than just one?”

“Yes, Dwayne.”

“Is it that I should stop looking for one secret, one magic bullet?”

“Yes, Dwayne.”

“Is it reading the Money Hacks Carnival every week so I can learn thousands and thousands of money hacks over time?”

“Yes, Dwayne.”

“But…. it’s especially the shoes, right?”

MJ’s Picks (Editor’s Picks)

Though already mentioned above, here were MJ’s favorite hacks of the week:

Finally, I’m not sure I ever found the money hack in this last post, but with a theme revolving around shoes, it would be remiss not to include: Why do Women Love Shoes? posted at Financial Learn.

Editor’s Endnote: Thanks for all the submissions! Please remember, under the Money Hacks Carnival rules, you can only submit one article per blog per week. You can submit through this link for the next Money Hacks Carnival. The next edition will be hosted by Greener Pastures: Personal Finance. Past and future editions can be found at the Money Hacks Carnival homepage.

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