Blog Carnivals Cinco!

Can I Get Rich On A Salary participated in five personal-finance blog carnivals this past week.

[Editor’s Note: In case you are not familiar with blog carnivals, a blog carnival is a multi-blog event in which a number of bloggers aggregate their articles within a certain theme or subject area into one post. The “host” of the carnival writes up the post on his or her blog and includes links to the various articles. Hopefully, this helps readers as they get a “one stop shop” of articles. I post a weekly recap of the blog carnivals in which I have participated—and try also to cull out a few articles that I’d like to share with you here.]

Carnival of Personal Finance:

Greener Pastures hosted Carnival of Personal Finance, #159: The First Zero-Emissions City, unveiling facts and pics of the plans for the first zero-emissions city, near Abu Dhabi, on June 30. Here were some of the posts I wanted to highlight:

Penny Nickel from Money and Values gives us a great post on Retirement Savings 101: All about retirement accounts (and why to start saving now!)

Saver from She’s a saver, He’s a spender describes the challenges she and her husband are tackling as they slowly merge their finances in 4 Phases of Money Merging

Madison DuPaix from My Dollar Plan presents How to Handle Irregular Paychecks

Heather Allen from The DebtFree Playbook Blog has some great suggestions on easing debt induced stress in Debt is Making You Sick

PT from Prime Time Money provides some great tips here, in 10 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

MoneyNing (David) from Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning presents A Dollar Saved is Two Dollars Earned But Two Dollars Earned is Twenty Dollars Saved

Definitely check out the rest of the Carnival! My post, Four Specific Paths To Automatic Saving and Investing, was included—and was selected as an Editor’s Pick! Thanks for the honor, Lisa!

Festival of Frugality:

Budgets are $exy hosted Festival of Frugality #132 - "Frugal is, as Frugal does" edition, opening up a box of chocolates on July 1. Here is a sampling of the posts:

How to dine at fancy-schmancy restaurants on the CHEAP by sarah at SARAHSPY

How and Where to Buy Cheap Flowers written by Aryn at Sound Money Matters…

Control Your Wild Wedding Costs! Set Up A Wedding Budget posted by Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life

Check out more on Forrest at the Carnival! My post, Do You Hide Purchases From Your Spouse or Partner (Apparently Like Many Americans)?, was included under “Questions Questions Everywhere.”

Carnival of Money Stories:

My Good Cents hosted Carnival of Money Stories Edition #66, on July 1. Here were a few of the stories:

RC presents 10 Money and Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

Free Money Finance helps a reader who is Stuck In A Hated Career

The Bag Lady shares How A Man Retired Early On $565 A Month

Visit the Carnival! My post, Success Stories : Retirement Nest Egg of $1,825,000, was also included.

Money Hacker’s Carnival:

Sound Money Matters hosted Money Hacks Carnival #19: The Independence Edition, setting off the fireworks on July 2. Here is a sampling of the posts:

Budgets Are Sexy brags about how awesome it feels to be free from credit card debt and gives tips for accomplishing that feat…

Greener Pastures offers a humorous look at the difficulties of frugality

$aving to Invest discusses the 10.1 million millionaires now occupying the planet…

Living Almost Large analyzes the broad suggestion that most people need $1 million to retire

Stop by the Carnival! My post, Teach Yourself to Invest in Stocks?, was included under “Financial Planning.”

Finance Fiesta:

Rocket Finance hosted the 5th Edition of the Finance Fiesta!, on July 3. My post, What if $650,000,000 Weren't Enough?, was included. It was accompanied by the comment, “Yes, some people are dumb and some people are over-compensated, but let’s not put the government in charge of determining who is smart and who is wealthy, okay?” Um… okay. Not sure what that was about! My post doesn’t talk about the government, let alone about determining who is smart and who is wealthy… In any event, visit the Fiesta for more!

Other Mentions

Here are some other recent mentions of Can I Get Rich On A Salary:

Thanks to each of these personal-finance blogs for noticing these Can I Get Rich On A Salary posts and bringing them to the attention of their readers. Please visit their blogs!


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