Blogorama—Weekly Carnival Round-Up

As many of you know, a blog carnival is a multi-blog event in which a number of bloggers aggregate their articles within a certain theme or subject area into one post. The “host” of the carnival writes up the post on his or her blog and includes links to the various articles. Readers are hopefully helped in having a number of articles gathered up in one place. I post a weekly recap of the blog carnivals in which I have participated—and try also to cull out a few articles that I’d like to share here.

Carnival of Personal Finance:

Lazy Man and Money hosted Carnival of Personal Finance #150, letting loose with the fun on April 28. This was a huge carnival, with 115 articles included. Here are a couple I wanted to mention:

Prime Time Money writes an open letter to a high school graduate
Millionaire Mommy Next Door asks if it’s time to buy a home yet

My post, 20-40% Returns Sounds Heavenly But..., is included under “Investing.”

Carnival of Money Stories:

Money Stories hosted Carnival of Money Stories Edition 57, on April 29. Here are a few highlights from my perspective:

Serious Savers Who Died Very Wealthy @ The Digerati Life…
You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy @ Harvesting Dollars…
How NOT to Handle Inheritance @ Family and Finances…
My Husband Had a Date With Another Woman @ Are you Going to be Like Way the Rest of the Time I know You…
Is Triple A (AAA) Worth the Money? @ The Happy Rock
Our story, Uh Oh, Our 529 Goes First to Worst—Now What?, is also included.

Money Hacker’s Carnival:

Money Hacks hosted Money Hacks Carnival #10 -- Your Money, Your Life, on April 30. Money Hacks helpfully organizes the articles in such a way as to dispense advise on how to earn money, spend money, save money, preserve money, and invest money! Here are a few that made me want to do exactly those things:

Writer's Coin wrote… Someone Else’s Money posted at The Writer's Coin
Amy @ The Q Family presents Be a Hero. "Save the Cash, Save the World" posted at The Q Family Adventure….
Ryan Taylor showed us how to build an emergency fund in 8 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund posted at Millionaire Money Habits
The Dough Roller shared 11 Online Retirement Calculators posted at The Dough Roller

My post, With Rates Dropping, What Are We Doing With Our High-Yield Savings Accounts—E*TRADE, ING Direct, and One United?, is included under “Save It.”

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