Festival of Stocks #85—Man on the Moon

“T minus 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.”

“Houston, we have lift-off.”

“Houston, this is Apollo 11. How do you read? Over.”

“Roger, 11. We’re reading you loud and fairly clearly.”

“Houston, we have a bit of a problem here. Over.”

“Roger, 11. What seems to be the problem? Over.”

“Aldrin here forgot to rebalance his portfolio before he left. Over.”

“What’s that? Over.”

“Aldrin forgot to rebalance his portfolio before lift-off. Over.”

“Roger that, Apollo 11. Can’t this wait until you get back? Over.”

“Roger. Well, he’s a little worried about the market right now. He’s been reading these—Buzz, what do you call them again? He’s been reading these blog articles. How To Invest Defensively In Down Markets at The Digerati Life. Reacting to Market Volatility at Saving to Invest. Plus, did you know this? Long Term Investments Are Not Risk Free…? That’s according to Personal Financier. And there’s another one on risk: Investment Risks at a Glance at FIRE Finance. Over.”

“Roger, Apollo 11. I repeat. Can this wait until return to Earth? Over.”

“Roger, Houston. Well, he’s just found this Asset Allocation Model posted at Dividends 4 Life—some kind of spreadsheet or something to help him measure asset allocation across origin, capitalization and sector. Plus, he wants to talk about some other asset class. Buzz, what’s the other one? It’s Labor Capital, The Forgotten Asset Class, described at Moolanomy. He’s kind of anxious to take care of this. Can you get him hooked up to his brokerage accounts? I don’t want him all butter fingers on the controls while he’s thinking about this, you know? Over.”

“Roger. Suggest reviewing, Caution - Analyst Predicting Bull! at Smart Investing & Money Management, and StockWeb: Tech stock technically. at StockWeb, for now. But we’ll see what we can do. Over.”

“Apollo 11, this is Houston. You are confirmed GO for orbit.”

“Roger. Aldrin wants to know more about the SEC call. Over.”

“Roger. Say again. We do not copy. The what call?”

“The—well, Aldrin says you oughta know about this. It’s the first ever SEC call with bloggers ever. According to this post, SEC Interactive Data Conference Call at Fat Pitch Financials. Over.”

“Roger. No news here. You’ll have to go with Fat Pitch on this one.”

“Roger. Houston, we have one other issue.”

“Roger. Aldrin?”

“Roger. Yeah, Aldrin here decided it would be a good idea to bring tacos. Yeah, one of those ten-packs from Taco Bell. What’s that? Well, I’m not the one who let him read, Dividend Stock Wednesday: Yum Brands Inc. (YUM:NYSE) at The Dividend Guy Blog (See YUM) right before we left.”


“Apollo 11, this is Houston. You are confirmed GO for landing.”

“Roger. Houston, we had a question. What’s that big yellow thing out there?”

“Apollo 11, Houston. A little static on this end. Say again? Over.”

“Roger. What’s that big yellow thing we’re seeing everywhere. Over.”

“Uh, Roger. Apollo 11, are you talking about the sun?”

“Roger. Right, that’s the name of it. It seems to be everywhere. Aldrin wants to know if there are any investment opportunities based on it. Over.”

“Roger. Stand by.... Apollo 11, we have an ETF for you. Uploading to you now: A One Stop Shop for Solar - Get TAN from Fund my Mutual Fund (See TAN).”

“Roger, Houston. Buzz says thanks. And while you’re at it…”

“One step ahead of you, 11. Six additional reports coming your way:

“And five articles on picking stocks, when to trade, and day trading:


“Roger, Houston. I’ll pass them on. Thanks again. Proceeding with landing. Over.”

“Houston, this is Apollo. We need some assistance here. Over.”

“Roger, Apollo. This is Houston. What can we do for you. Over.”

“Aldrin’s trying to finish his crossword puzzle. First clue is ‘12th most influential person in forex.’ Second is ‘Fidelity, Janus, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, among others.’ Over.”

“Roger. Refer you to Top 25 Most Influential People in Forex at Currency Trading.net and What Are Mutual Funds? posted at DebtBlog. Over.”

“Beautiful, Houston. Beautiful.”

“Houston, Apollo 11 here. Do you copy? Over.”

“Roger, 11. We copy.”

“Aldrin wants to know if it’s too late for him to make some IRA contributions. Over.”

“Roger. Too late this year. Suggest planning for next year. See Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits and Income Phase Outs at Money Blue Book. Over.”

“Roger that, Houston. We’re coming home.”

Editor’s Endnote: Thanks for all the submissions! As you may know, the Festival of Stocks limits the number of articles it includes—so there was not enough room for all of the submissions. If yours was not included this time, please try again for the next Festival! Several submissions were also left out for being a bit too far outside the scope of the Festival of Stocks, at least as far as I understand it. As a reminder, the Festival of Stocks is dedicated to “stock market related topics,” with examples given as “research and commentary on specific stocks, industry analysis, ETFs, REITs, stock derivatives, and other related topics.” Please submit through this link for the next Festival of Stocks. Past and future editions can be found at Blog Carnival and at the Festival of Stocks homepage.

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