Bloggershop Quartet

Do re mi fa so la ti do.... Four melodious carnivals of personal-finance blogs sang their harmonies this past week, and we'll try and cull out some of the high notes. As always, we go in order of perceived carnival seniority.

Carnival of Personal Finance:

Money Ning hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #147: Q1 Financial Advice Edition, closing the books on the First Quarter on April 7. The quarter-end advice I enjoyed included:

Dividends4Life gives us some stats and tells us that “Hey, You Invest like a Girl” isn’t really a bad thing.
Four Pillars from Quest for Four Pillars discusses whether or not We are Missing Out on Hedge Funds.
Dividend Growth Investor explains his one rule of thumb - one dollar saved in the twenties supplies one dollar of income in the sixties.
. . .
Ryan Suenaga from Uncommon Cents presents Individual Stocks: Not Gambling, but not for Everyone Either.
. . .
Mrs. Micah from Mrs. Micah: Finance for a Freelance Life presents What’s
Wrong with Being Middle Class
. . .
squawkfox presents Top Ten 80s Songs About Money, and says, “Here are the top ten 80s songs about money”
Go hear more at the Carnival! Our post, Success Factors of the Really Rich?, is includedand was also mentioned at The Digerati Life in "Budgeting, Dividend Payouts and Being Middle Class @The Carnivals." Thanks, Silicon Valley Blogger!

Carnival of Money Stories:

The Financial Blogger hosted
Carnival of Money Stories #54 – My Old Man Thoughts Edition, inviting his dad in on April 8. Does your pa tell the same stories over and over again? Here are some of the ones I could listen to one more time:

Frugality Sucks by The DebtFree Playbook Blog. . . .
House Buying: My Car Needs Repaired – A Gift From Heaven! By Get Rich Or Die Trying. . . .
Are We Better Off Than Our Parents Were? By Funny About Money. . . .

Don't miss out on the other stories! Our post, Success Stores: 6th Grade Teacher Worth $500,000, appears under "Money Management."

Money Hacker's Carnival:

Mommy Gets Paid hosted
Money Hacks Carnival #7 Real People Named Hacker Edition, calling out the Hackers on April 9. Some of the hacks to highlight are:

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 10 Ways To Organize and Simplify Your Finances posted at The Digerati Life. . . .
FFB presents 7 Ways to Get Rich Quick posted at Free From Broke. . . .
Mortgage Help presents Biweekly Mortgage Payments posted at Mortgage Tips and Credit Help. . . .
Monevator presents Two signs the crisis for financial shares may be abating posted at Monevator.com. . . .
Writer’s Coin presents What scuba diving can teach us about money posted at The Writer’s Coin.
. . .
Finance Girl presents Why Did We Buy This House Again? posted at Finance Gets Personal.

The asterisks indicate the editor's/host's picks. Don't forget to check out the rest! Our post, "Was That $1,000 Really Free? What We Are Doing With Upromise," appears under "Saving Money."

The Carnival of 20-Something Finances:

The Bag Lady hosted the Carnival of Twenty-Something Finances - April 7th Edition. Here are some of the posts that made me want to be twenty-something again. Okay, okay, all of the posts made me want to be twenty-something again.

Shuchong presents I Thought it was Supposed to be Good Debt! posted at But WHY Doesn’t it Grow on Trees?.
. . .
Ted presents Cheapest Textbooks Online posted at CampusGrotto College News.
Patrick A. Sizemore presents 10 Guilt-Free Splurges for Students posted at College Information for Smart Students.

Go swing by the rest of the Carnival! My look back at our current and past budgeting practices is also included: Silly Rabbit, Budgets Are For Kids—How We Do Use Budgets.


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