Blog Carnival Round-Up—Quiet After The Storm

So this past week, this blog hosted two carnivals, the Festival of Stocks #85—Man on the Moon and the Carnival of Money Stories #56—Once Upon a Time—and had posts included in four other blog carnivals, all relating in some way to personal finance. Phew. Not sure I want to repeat that schedule any time soon…. Here’s my recap of the other blog carnivals in which we participated. As usual, we go in order of carnival seniority.

Carnival of Personal Finance:

The Happy Rock hosted the 149th Carnival of Personal Finance—Chasing Dreams Edition, starting inspiration on April 21. Here were some of the dreams to chase:

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents Laddering Your Emergency Fund
The Digerati Life presents Get Hired, Get a Raise and Get Paid More By Improving Your Appearance
Alpha Consumer presents Debunking the Money Myth
squawkfox presents Ten Things You Should Never Carry in a Purse or Wallet
Think Your Way To Wealth presents Two of the Most Important Work Habits for Increasing Your Income
Canadian Capitalist presents Top Three Investing Mistakes
Mrs. Micah presents Spousal IRAs Make Sense for Stay at Home Moms (SAHMS)
Cash Money Life presents Spending Money is Good

Is getting rich a dream—or something worth chasing? My post, The 9 Or So Paths To Getting Rich—And My Purported Analysis Of Them(Part 2 of 2), is also included in the Carnival.

Money Hacker’s Carnival:

Quest for Four Pillars hosted Money Hackers Carnival #9 - Scream Edition!, letting loose the frights on April 22. The villains were taking vicious hacks such as these:

Master Your Card writes about the new credit card “bill of rights” proposed by Barrack Obama. …
Know The Ledge says to stay the course with your investments.
The Family CEO says she makes extra money on eBay.

My post, Simon Says, Buy Real Estate, is grouped with the “Best Slashers,” beneath the image of Jason from Friday the 13th! Go Slashers!

The Carnival of 20-Something Finances:

Money Under 30 hosted the Carnival of 20-Something Finances for April 21, 2008. My favorite post from the Carnival was:

Don’t Let Bad Luck Determine Your Future at The Baglady.

The young ones were gracious enough to include my more-aged post, 800 Credit Score, Strong Income, Strong Assets Not Enough To Save HELOC, under “Debt and Credit.”

The Carnival of Net Worth:

Llama Money hosted the Carnival of Net Worth #1, counting up the assets and liabilities on April 24. Here are some net-worth starter tips from the Carnival:

TerryT2 presents How You Make Money With Investment Real Estate posted at Actual Real Estate Profits
Steve Faber presents Beginner Stock Investing – How Can You Get Started? posted at DebtBlog.

Our post, Where Can You Make A $100,000 Or Better Salary?, is also included.


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