Blog Mania—Coralling Six Carnivals!

Are you kidding? Here's our round-up of not one, not two, not three, but six blog carnivals from the last week! Okay, we'll go in order of carnival seniority (at least as best as I can tell).

Carnival of Personal Finance:

Million Dollar Journey hosted Carnival of Personal Finance #145: Baby Education Edition, kicking off the festivities on March 24. Our excellent host has a new baby and has a "baby theme that will take us on the road of financial education." This was a huge carnival, with lots and lots of posts, so it's definitely worth checking out. Here are a few samples I appreciated:

David from Money Under 30 presents Asset Allocation for Investors Under Thirty, and says, "A simple introduction to an aggressive asset allocation strategy for investors in their twenties."
. . .
* FMF from Free Money Finance presents How to Keep Your Child's Identity Safe, and says, "Identity theft among kids is a growing issue that needs to be addressed." This is a topic that I've never covered, but concerns me. How vulnerable is a child's identity?
. . .
Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck from Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck explains that Your problem isn't Starbucks, and says, "Many financial experts feel that the problems of the world (and especially of young people) would instantly disappear if we could only get rid of our coffee shops. They're wrong. . . but you're still in control."
. . .
Pinyo from Moolanomy writes about Meandering Into Real Estate Investing.
. . .
* RC from Think Your Way To Wealth presents 11 Ways to Market Yourself at Work to Increase Your Salary. A great article on how to impress the boss/co-workers.

The asterisks indicate the host's "Editor's Picks." Our post on "What Makes Up PFBLoggers' Net Worth" appears under "Money Management." Be sure to go through the booths at the rest of the Carnival!

Festival of Frugality:

My Dollar Plan hosted Festival of Frugality #118, ABC Edition, beginning the party on March 25. Can you spell F-R-U-G-A-L? Here are a few of the posts that caught my eye:

Rio Rivas presents The importance of keeping investment expenses to a minimum posted at Get Financially Fit! saying, “Using average mutual funds may cost you a quarter of your nest egg”

Finance Girl presents When I’m Debt-Free, I’m Buying the Expensive Toilet Paper! posted at Finance Gets Personal.
. . .
FMF presents Wisdom from Readers: Saving Money and Performance of Index Funds posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Save money by getting AAA discounts.”
. . .
Pinyo presents A Dollar Saved Is Better Than A Dollar Earned posted at Moolanomy.

Our post on "How The Word 'Free' Makes Us Lose Our Minds" joined in the festivities. There were a ton of other meaty posts, so go learn your ABCs at the rest of the Festival!

Festival of Stocks:

Yours truly hosted Whoa, Nelly-Festival of Stocks #81 at Gettysburg!, addressing the crowd on March 24. Hope you got to hear/read the speech! Our post on "Recession May Be Good News For Home Builder and Financial Stocks" is part of the remarks.

Money Hacker's Carnival:

Antishay Ventenne hosted Money Hacker’s Carnival #5 - Haute Couture Edition, with first hacks taken on March 25. Could you tie "haute couture" together with "money hacks"? I couldn'twhich is just one of the many reasons I enjoyed reading this creative and awesome hosting work, with photos galore. Go be seen there!

Our post on "How We Try To Control Our Expenses Without Much Of A Budget" appears under "Saving Money"; and our gracious host writes, "This is a great post - it sounds a lot like my budgeting… which means not much effort into budgeting and a lot more effort in diligence." Thanks, Shanti/Antishay!

The Carnival of 20-Something Finances:

Keeping the Reins Tight hosted The Carnival of 20-Something Finances on March 24. Our post on "Why Don't High-Income Professionals Watch Their Money?" is mentioned under the all-important category of "Other." Oopsis this a carnival aimed at 20-somethings, or by 20-somethings! I'm not sure I can remember my 20s... but I'm pretty sure my knees didn't hurt so much back then. The next host is The Baglady, and she seems to be saying my more-aged submission was okay in her announcement of the next 20-something carnival. Phew.

Personal Finance Money Tips:

KCLau hosted his Personal Finance Money Tips carnival, going live on March 22. Our post, "Think Of Your Personal Finance Like Running A Business," appears under "Wealth Management."

Okay, I need a breather now. Hope this helps in any weekend reading plans.


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