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But what does it mean to subscribe? If you’re not familiar with that, most blogs have Web feeds that allow you to have new posts sent to you by e-mail or fed into a program or service called a reader or “aggregator.” These programs or services are also called blog readers, news readers, or feed readers. Examples of reader/aggregator services accessible through websites include Bloglines and Google Reader. There are also programs that you can install locally on your computer. Here’s a link to Wikipedia's list of feed aggregators.

Hopefully, blog readers are a convenient way to gather up all of the blogs or other frequently updated websites you like to read in one place, in a format that you can skim quickly or read through intensely. They typically keep track of which posts you’ve read and haven’t read (and let you “save” ones you like).

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Top 144 Reasons To Subscribe

  1. It’s free.
  2. I will try not to bore you to death.
  3. Generally speaking, subscribing is without charge.
  4. I really will try to help answer and pursue an affirmative answer to the question, “Can I get rich on a salary?” That may mostly mean sharing what has worked for us, what has failed miserably for us, and what we are trying or about to try (and what happens with it).
  5. There are no hidden costs.
  6. I may here and again succeed in summarizing, gathering, or analyzing information or data in a way that might save you the trouble or work of doing it yourself in a way that is mildly useful to you.
  7. The fees are minimal.
  8. Your e-mail address or any other information you may enter in connection with subscribing does not get seen or retained by me. Or if I have access to it, I am so far not bright enough even to know it.
  9. Today, and today only, subscriptions are half-price.
  10. You can always “unsubscribe.”
  11. Subscriptions for all people with 0-2 heads are complimentary.
  12. These reasons can be read eleven more times.

Thanks so much for visiting this blog and reading this page. I hope you’ll consider coming back—and even subscribing.

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